Strategy First

At UFinancial we believe that financial planning is an holistic advice process which covers all areas of your finances.

Financial planning, when provided holistically, will provide you with guidance and support across your entire financial life including:

  •  Wealth Creation
  •  Wealth Protection
  •  Direct Property Investing Strategies
  •  Investing in Shares
  •  Superannuation Advice
  •  Mortgage and Debt Structuring Strategies
  •  Risk Reduction Strategies
  •  Estate Planning

Financial planning should not be a process which solely focuses on managed fund investing, either inside or outside of the superannuation environment. Unfortunately however the typical financial planning company in Australia isn't equipped to provide a truly holistic advice service, which ultimately provides a limited result for their clients.

As a financial planning client of UFinancial we will help you develop an holistic strategy which covers all areas of your finances. The result; you can live a life with greater freedom and choice knowing that your entire financial situation has been considered and just as importantly, effectively planned. UFinancial is able to provide this comprehensive service because we have structured our business a little differently than the average financial planning company in Australia.

Our Speciality

UFinancial also specialises in residential property investing and structuring. Residential property is the largest asset class in Australia today but unfortunately most financial planning companies completely neglect this investment as an option. UFinancial believes in holistic advice meaning you should have access to all investment options which can help you create wealth. Residential property should be considered.

Our Approach

Our approach to the financial planning process is unique in that we first help you identify your appropriate strategy before investing into any specific product. We call this ‘Needs Based Planning’ because it focuses on your needs as an investor and not a prescribed asset allocation or risk-profiling model, as seen across other financial planning companies around Australia.

We Believe

UFinancial also believes in a fee for service relationship with our clients. The fee you pay is directly related to the amount of service UFinancial provides you and not a commission based upon the products we recommend.

Finally, we believe that clients who understand how the wealth creation process works are far more successful in achieving their wealth creation goals. To help you become financially successful we will take you through an education process which covers all areas of your finances allowing you to make better informed investment decisions.

To see how UFinancial can help you with your wealth management needs please contact us.

Ufinancial’s Financial Planning services are provided by Authorised Representatives of Omniwealth Services Pty Ltd ABN 57 121 845 001 AFSL 309643 Omniwealth hold their own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 309643) which means they don’t have a large bank or institution pushing products such as managed funds onto us, or their clients. By having their own ‘AFSL’ they are able to source the best investments in the market which suit clients’ needs and not the needs of a large fund manager or bank. Omniwealth strives to ensure it conforms to government and ASIC guidelines, so you can rest assured that the advice you receive is in your best interests. 



Premium Accounting at a Sensible Price
We understand the importance of a strong client - accountant relationship and believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for financial peace of mind.
The Principals at Omniwealth Accounting and Audit are Chartered Accountants. We offer a full suite of services, for you personally, for your SMSF or for your business. As a client of Omniwealth Accounting and Audit we are able to assist you with all of your business and personal accounting requirements so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Individual and Company Tax Returns

We can look after your annual tax return obligations be it personal or for your business. We will help make it easy for you to complete your annual tax obligations at very competitive rates. We make the whole process simple and convenient meaning you spend less worrying about your finances and more time enjoying the things you love.


SMSF Audit and Compliance

Omniwealth Accounting and Audit are specialists in Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). As trustees of an SMSF, it is critical that you have confidence in the accountant that is responsible for the annual audit and compliance work. Omniwealth Accounting and Audit delivers a first class service, on time, and at competitive rates.

Trust Account Audit

Omniwealth Accounting and Audit are fully accredited to provide annual trust account audit services for Solicitors and Accountants. Our team of specialists reduce the burden of your annual audit by providing an efficient and effective service. If you are responsible for managing a trust account then having a professional that you can trust to complete the annual audit is crucial in providing you with piece of mind.

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Legal & Conveyancing

Security in Creating Wealth
Having a strong legal foundation is fundamental in creating wealth.

Having a strong legal foundation is fundamental in creating wealth. Whether it is to execute your Estate Plan or to finalise the purchase of a property, we provide access to Law Society accredited solicitors, including a Business and Property Law Specialist that can facilitate this for you.

It is critical that you have a solicitor that understands not only your needs but how they apply to the law.

At Omniwealth we make it easy for our clients to have their legal needs looked after.

To see how UFinancial can help you with your Legal & Conveyancing needs please contact us.